His Love, Crafted In His Image

We are crafted and made in his image. There is no denying the power that we possess if we rightly believe in him. We have to take the foundation which is the Apostles and Prophets and assist in creating the infrastructure which is the frame or the body. For Jesus came to set up his work in us. So, shall we continue to rightly-fit the body together in a wondrous work. It is not impossible to do this. We believe in the genesis of our creation in this world that is the conception of love. Christ, The Risen, King has loved us in this world and in the next world. 


We Are The Righteousness of God In Spirit

We must know that we are not distant from our heavenly planet. God did not make us to be distant foreigners but to make us home-running sojourners. We are in love with his Son, Jesus, who is The Righteousness of God in flesh. That’s right, Jesus is The Righteousness of God in the flesh. We can’t maintain a life of good if we don’t have Jesus in it! Jesus is everything that we could possibly imagine or even conceive to think of. What would life be like if we did not have the justice of him? His Spirit lives inside of us, which makes us righteous. It makes us pure and holy. Live with him in your temple today…be one with the Son who loves you best.

The Immoral Woman

The Immoral Woman has no morals, she has no standard or no goals,

She sits in the pathway of unrighteousness and knows no gold,

But her own goal,

Is to deceive as Eve did in the beginning but in her own adulterous way,

There is enmity between her and the seed of the woman,

For she has no sense of direction and she can’t grasp home,

It’s a wile of the enemy and rebellion is her fruit tree,

She is a senseless – foolish woman with an air of wicked means,