Where are you?

You’ve instructed me and I have me you,

You have tolerated me and my tears soar free,

What is my recompense?,

That you have lost a brush of demise,

I sit here on the otherside,

Waiting for your rememberance because i am in you and you are we,

Stars dance and loves chance,

Reassure Me Of My Beauty

Snowflakes dance on my windowpane,

While my heart is broken,

The next lover is in romantic happiness,

I want my Ashes to burn,

To burn even more now that they have simmered,

It’s winters eve, and the fireplace is cooking just for me,

I’m in soul pain while lost love knows not of how he broke a contrite heart,

My beauty is in a massive torpedo my essence is plucked there is no way on Earth that you could ever be in love,

You are invisible once again to me in the housing storm,

I sense no intimacy, I just want you to make my soul free,

Please baby be my dark secret love and reassurance of my beauty,