Open Rebuke, is Better Than Secret Love

I just want to take a minute to talk about a Scripture that I got revelation on. The Scripture that I am referring to is: Proverbs 27:5 (KJV) it states, “Open rebuke, is better than secret love.” When I first pondered this scripture it was in the year of 2012. For days I ingested what the words I read in the bible meant. Then, as I sat in the Living Room of my parents house it came to me. The Holy Spirit dropped the revelation in my Spirit Man. The Lord said, “The Secret Love is the Lust of the Flesh.” It all made sense now! I was having a Ah Ha moment! Lol. I was ecstatic. It’s like why would you want to love in secret? These lust of the flesh are secrets that we keep private usually. Open rebuke comes as a form of open love from God the Father. I paraphrase, the bible says, “He chastises those he loves.” In other words, “He corrects us cause he loves us.” And, he wants us to be free of our sins. Blessings.


Crystal L`Shae


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