Psalm 51

Amen and Amen!!!

Do What's Right

A psalm by David, this refers to events narrated in 2 Samuel 11-12. That story has it all: adultery, murder and scandal. We struggle to understand a biblical morality that is so foreign to Western instincts. Because of our longstanding cultural taint of legalism and hypocrisy, we don’t see how David escaped the just penalty for adultery and murder in Moses’ Law without at least some hint of divine corruption. How can God be holy and put up with such hideous crimes against the Laws written by His own fingers on stone? God does not play favorites with people who have mere wealth or power, but He plays favorites with people who are powerful in His service. Our sense of fairness recoils that God is more like an Eastern potentate with often inexplicable mercy.

Yet this psalm explains quite well how and why God relents from justified wrath. Not simply…

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