Abortion of The Spirit

The flesh is weak. The flesh is the physical appetite that can eat at our soul constantly and plague us if we don’t have it under subjection. The spirit man is supposed to rule over the flesh. Everyone has a spirit, flesh, and soul. The spirit is like our spiritual line to God. We have his spirit in us, it dwells on the inside of us. But, sadly in a spiritual sense, most people have aborted the spiritual world for that of the fleshly world. Abortion of the spirit is very dangerous. If we abort the spirit that dwells in us, then we become weak and not strong. The flesh is enticing! Have you ever heard of the word lust? Well, lust is anything that is ungodly. There are many lustful things in this world. That people go after. One of them is material things. Whether it be a car, house, clothes, jewelry, electronics etc. people desire to have possessions. These possessions become people’s idol or God. People begin to worship these possessions and put them on a pedestal than the true and living God. They abort the spirit, for the flesh. They cling to the things of this world, and self gratification before the abundant, warmth, love, and beautiful presence that God has to offer. It’s sad, but true. The abortion of the Spirit is reigning supreme in the lives of many Christians to say the least. Yes, there are Christians out there that are clingy and highly emotional over materialistic things. The scriptures tell us to think on those things which are above, and not here on the Earth. (paraphrased) So, why do we flee from the one who died for us, to the one who wants to seduce us? Christ is the primary example to live by! He had his emotions in tact, and under subjection. He fasted, prayed, ministered, and remained humble and meek at all times. It’s true that Jesus has emotions just like we do! And sometimes he let his emotions surface. But, the key to this control was much fasting and praying. He didn’t abort the Holy Spirit that dwells inside all of us. He let it lead him and dominate his entire life even through his ministry. Please examine yourselves this day, and see if you have aborted the spirit of lust that forever is ever present in the lives of many Christians.


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