With Synesthesia, Sometimes the World Tastes a Lot Like Purple…



Zernone is a delicious-sounding name.  It tastes like the color orange, but not as good as the color blue.  The letter N is an orange  letter and the letter E is a blue letter. However, the name Zernone has both some blue and orange with a hint of that sour purple in the letter Z.


When I was younger, I thought that everyone else’s numbers and letters had tastes and colors.  When I would voice my perception of colors and letters, I thought that others saw me as odd because they saw different colors.  It was not until Jr. High School that I learned that not only was I the only who saw  that the E was a blue letter, but I was the only one who thought letters had any color or smell whatsoever.


It was not until 3 years ago that I realized that I have Synesthesia. Synesthesia…

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