Still In Love

Silence creeps in the still of the night,

Torrential thunderstorms cry out that we are angry,

The sky is still, the clouds are immobile,

My mind is on yesterday and what was monumental,

You were like Hercules, you ascended off the high mountain to rescue me,

Losing myself in this crazy spaghetti of snakes,

Yes, my cold and heartless enemies,

The ones that will not let me forget enmity,

My heart has gone cold without the known,

My body is no longer owned,

I’m free but can’t find you,

Helplessly without hope,

So many regrets without being blown,

I hate the fact that I care,

You tell me I’m beautiful even when I have no time to do my hair,

Am I still dreaming or is this a lie,

You still love me, even with your eyes,

Copyright 2014


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