Repair me oh Lord for I am broken,

The stench of bile has come in a haphazard state,

Liquid lust running down my bosom,

Yes, the saliva from my mouth is a rarity considering I am a variety,

My transgression is covered by the blood,

But, why is it so much of a fuss,

The death would stay piercing silhouettes don’t realize what it means

to die,

Because they are nomads in a foreign life,

Delivering a complex parody as I unearth the visible prosperity the

words dark have made their mark in my vocabulary,

Many days have gone grey,

When will the rain stop hitting my windowpane,

Tears falling, running down my face, on the page,

The page where you left us for her,

You were a commander with much commands,

A liar and an inventor by nature,

Oh Lord repair me for my heart is broken twain,

You ripped it open where it will never heal,

The wounds pierced my very soul,

I’ll be close to you, if you would let your past go,

But, you want the same life, I wanted a happy

Marriage as your only wife.

Copyright 2014


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