Royalty Album Cover Art and Track List

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Crystal L`Shae Presents “Royalty” (Debut Album)

The Queen of Pop Soul has solidified herself as a mainstream heiress to the family of Soul and R&B. She has a southern, sultry, air-escape of beautiful sound when she lets her vibrato, rest, rule, and abide on the tracks. Streams of living water come to life as she blows the prophetic utterance of love all over the words that formulate the enchanting masterpiece, Royalty. I enjoyed creating this debut album for the masses. No one should be disappointed. Listen to the soul and heart of this beautiful Regal Music to the Queen herself – Ms. Crys L`Shae.

The Culture Of The Church

The state of the Church is diverse with some factors. The world that we live in performs its necessities through declarations and decrees. The richness of the church is the house of the Mind. A spiritual phenomenon that was inducted by the beginning of planet heaven. The bible tells us, “What so a Man thinketh in  his heart so is he.” It’s the in-questionable truth! Even more so, it comes from keeping your house in order. The Church has grown to be sensitive to that of the theory of fasting. It’s part of the Christian lifestlye…

Serve Rightly

Love is an unspeakable parable of joy. It has to be released! You have to have the power to love. It’s conception came from the King! He loves us, and he was crowned in love’s glory.  The King is waiting on you at his throne, will you push him aside for he is love. Or, will you lie at his right side and serve in the benevolence of love?