Heaven Sent


Precipitation Rain

Show me the pain that you released,

It all comes in the storm of rain,

I’ll never be the same,

Because you caught the teardrops I feigned,

Coming into your temple you washed me,

I’ll never be the same,

Purposely use me when you release my name,

Calling all Kings and Queens to solidify this change,

Decree and Declare with me I’ll conquer the enemy,

Because I released these Secret Impurities,

It all comes in the storm of rain,

It’s falling down,

I’ll never be the same,

In the dimension of Precipitation Rain,


The Promise of The Harvest

The initial promise of planting a seed is that it is put in “fertile” soil and rain, sun, and the soil power should produce crops. The crops are then called, “cash crops” and used as the Harvest. The Harvest has a promise of producing a great amount of increase, and used to generate a overflow of income in the life of the Seed Sower. Be fueled by sowing seed in The Promise of The Harvest.


The Giver

It’s a natural thing for people to give. The bible declares, “Give and it shall be given unto you.” (Luke 6:36) It’s my belief that if you give it shall be given to you good measure, shaken, and pressed down. This implies that we will have different levels of return to our giving. I’ll never forsake what the Word of God says. It’s mighty, powerful, and awesome. The giver is someone that lives in the realm of “plenty.” They know if they give that they will overflow with “More than Enough.” The Giver cannot release what they don’t have. Sow a Seed into “fertile” soil and receive plenty, more than enough, and overflow. In this Season, it’s time to plant seed. Watch God! Plant your seed into fertile soil and watch God do it for you.

Seeing is NOT believing

Please listen to this Message!!

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Have you ever heard the saying “Seeing is believing?” I am certain that you have. What did it mean? What you see is truth maybe. Or if you can see it it must be real.

The Word of God tells us to walk by faith and not by sight. Yet many of us are led by what we see. I myself was trying to fit the beauty mode that the world said I should fit. I can tell you here and now that I stopped that mess. I was being lied too by the masses of hurt people who are in competition with each other and aren’t comfortable with themselves. I am now because I believe what 2 Corinthians 5:17 says. The NLT version says “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” 

Bless Jesus…

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