God Thoughts

God thoughts are thoughts that are infiltrated with Light. Anything positive is a Godly or Divine inspired thought. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a Heavenly thought. Meaning a thought that is conceived about Heaven. Maybe its a thought of a Prosperous future, or a Greater desire to become great, or a desire to achieve something like a Goal or Dream. Whatever your Godly thoughts are begin to allow them to birth and prosper you in the realm of Greatness. I’m here to let you know that God is in the place of Godly thoughts. He cares about you and what you think about. This scripture comes to mind, “Let the words of my mouth and the mediation of my Heart, be acceptable in thy sight O Lord my strength and redeemer.” (Psalms 19:14) Continue to think Godly!

The Glory Rain (Prelude to Conference in March)

Please come on Live and Join me and my younger brother, Prophet R`Shad as we begin to minister to the people of God. My Periscope name is @Crystallshae. You can download the “Periscope” app on your Android or Apple device. Please bring a receptive Heart and Willingness to be ministered to! The time the Conference will begin is: 5 pm CST. That would be 2 pm PST, 4 pm Mountain Time, and 6 pm EST. Please come on and bring Someone!


Crystal L`Shae

Forward Balance

If you have balance in life…you maybe looked as an Organized Person. Who is very Healthy in Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit. Keep the momentum moving with your Health. Don’t let what people say throw you off course. Take a detour, or a pit stop, and RELAX! Sometimes it’s not good to have everyone on your Journey in life. It all starts with building your Spirit up…

Heart of Wisdom

When there is a Heart of Wisdom you begin to Hear the love of the Father…At a prophetic call. The Bible says that wisdom is the principal thing. It’s the thing that Hearts seek after they begin to chase after wisdom with earnestness. Wisdom is a powerful thing that should be applied in everyday life. Wisdom is a house that is built with a vision of structure. To have a solid foundation is to have great structure. 

The word Heart has the words, “Hear and Ear.” You have to Hear with your Spiritual Ears and Natural Ears of what thus says the Lord to your heart. The Bible also claims, “Out of the Heart flows the issues of life.” Sometimes we have to let the issues of life flow from our heart so other Ears can Hear from their heart. And release prophetic counsel which is guidance. Begin to flow from your heart in love, sincerity, and faith and see how greatly God will produce you to a level of wisdom!

Daily Milk and Bread

We greatly come into Obedience the second our Mind replies we’re hungry feed me. As a babe needs milk we have to be fed for the greater to come upon us. We need milk and bread daily. Feed our soul God pour out your rain in our lives so we can be purified.