Life Patience and People Patience

God talks about the Fruits of the Spirit in the New Testament. One of those Fruits is patience. It’s of great need that we have Life Patience and People Patience. The two are great skills that can save us time and energy. When you have patience it seems you have a calming demeanor about yourself. And, nevertheless you are endowed by a great anointing that speaks volumes about not rushing about the cares of life! We have to be patient with life. It takes time to build the mantle of knowledge and wisdom that one carries to be great! I’m almost 30 next year, and my Mom often tells me, “Baby, take it one day at a time.” That’s the truth though we have to be patient even with the days that pass us by! When dealing with people we must be patient at all times. People patience communicates that you can deal with people on a daily basis and have a calming manner to satisfy their desires.



To Dream Is To Believe

Seeing is believing and dreaming is seeing. Never settle for less because your dreams tell you this….They shape your very world they involve you with things that happen in the spiritual womb that we all possess. Dream big and bring your vision to the forefront. Always remember your dream will make room for you and bring you before Great Men!

Precipitation Rain

Show me the pain that you released,

It all comes in the storm of rain,

I’ll never be the same,

Because you caught the teardrops I feigned,

Coming into your temple you washed me,

I’ll never be the same,

Purposely use me when you release my name,

Calling all Kings and Queens to solidify this change,

Decree and Declare with me I’ll conquer the enemy,

Because I released these Secret Impurities,

It all comes in the storm of rain,

It’s falling down,

I’ll never be the same,

In the dimension of Precipitation Rain,


The Promise of The Harvest

The initial promise of planting a seed is that it is put in “fertile” soil and rain, sun, and the soil power should produce crops. The crops are then called, “cash crops” and used as the Harvest. The Harvest has a promise of producing a great amount of increase, and used to generate a overflow of income in the life of the Seed Sower. Be fueled by sowing seed in The Promise of The Harvest.